Welcome to ABRA Investments Inc.

Our cutting-edge solutions keep you a step ahead.  Harnessing the power of advanced data science and technology, we enable our clients to make confident decisions to be more effective.  Our core is the resources and data you can trust, to cultivating information sharing and transparency when it counts.  ABRA has a unique process for uncovering new and unambiguous relationships that maybe unknowingly hidden.
ABRA is continuing to research many aspects of technology to improve its internal infrastructure by utilizing artificial intelligence within a seamless environment in order to identify relevancy for further expansion within the financial markets.
This is just the beginning.  We are about pushing boundaries, incorporating intelligent, almost risk-free partnerships to keep moving forward.

Our Concept

ABRA was created to provide a service from its highly skilled team.  As an investment company we conduct compliance checks, accounting and legal services within our own internal platform, so to offer these services is a natural fit.

Who is ABRA Investments

ABRA Investments is not your traditional venture capital company.  What makes us different is the philosophy that is used to support the growth of the company and its partnerships, while helping other businesses from different parts of the world get the right assistance and use ABRA as their own internal resource. 

Abra Investments Inc. is a privately owned company whose portfolio is divided into three segments:

The Investment Arm

Investing in innovative projects and businesses that provide new growth in local and emerging markets.  The name ABRA is defined by four key components for investing:


          This constitutes our principle guideline to managing growth and focus.

Professional Services

National and international consulting, management services as well as legal

counsel and accounting services through ABRA's team for companies in Canada,

China and Europe.


E-commerce and retail management.

Since 1983 the team at ABRA has cultivated global alliances that expands our reach globally and serves as the basis of our experience and expertise.

Through the specialized expertise of the ABRA team, its resources and access to our secure resources, we have assisted our clients by building solutions that meet their specific requirements allowing for aggressive competition.

Meeting the challenges of today's economy requires financial and human resources.  Obtaining those resources is critical in order to seize opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.  ABRA's mandate is to provide the right resources to develop faster solutions.

Since these challenges are inherent to almost every industry, the management at ABRA has developed different platforms from which to work.  The solutions that we create at ABRA for internal purposes or our clients are not just to meet the financial objectives.  They are also intended to address every aspect of a business and to catalog each area of a business operation to determine the viability and sustainability of any potential investment.

The cataloging that we are referring to are the key elements of any business organization.  With today’s economic environment and need for constant change, while keeping up with competition, there is always the desire for market dominance.  These objectives are made clear by cataloging each segment of a company’s operation from internal structure to out sourcing and market retention.  Then developing a platform that is unique to the firm that’s creating the opportunity.



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